Boost your BetterPoints in February

04 February 2020

Earn bonus BetterPoints with the 'Sport Social' boosted events week

These sessions are open to ALL students for only £2.50 (Recreational running is free). They can be booked up to 6 days in advance via the website here. 

How do you earn your boosted BetterPoints?

Choose 'Event Attendance' from your BetterPoints play menu to record all of these activities below, and you will receive 100 BetterPoints for each event you attend.

Tuesday 18th February

Recreational Running 3.00-4.00pm at The Edge (Outside Endcliffe) Free session for all, no booking required.

The Edge is located at 34 Endcliffe Crescent, Sheffield S10 3ED

Wednesday 19th February

Swimming 4.00-5.00pm (including the use of the sauna) at Goodwin Sports Centre

Thursday 20th February

Netball 4.00-5.00pm at Goodwin Sports Centre

Touch American Football 5.00-6.00pm at Goodwin Sports Centre

Friday 21st February

Cardio Conditioning 1.30-2.30pm @ Studio 2, Goodwin Sports Centre

The Goodwin Sports Centre is located at 132 Northumberland Road, S10 2TY.