Grand prize winner - Chris

Hannah Byk - 02 July 2020

As always here at BetterPoints we like to bring you stories about our users. Our most recent one is brought to you from the city of Sheffield, where Chris, a palaeoanthropology Masters student, won the challenge's grand prize - a Dahon folding bike. I caught up with Chris to learn more about his big win and his experience using BetterPoints.

"I normally scroll through the timeline and see the winners being announced and must have scrolled right past my name...since finishing the first year of my masters course a few weeks ago I hadn't been checking my university email quite as often, so by chance one morning I went to log in and there it was - my winning was a really wonderful surprise!"

He went on to explain that before moving to Sheffield, from York, he sold his beloved Brompton foldable bike thinking he might not get as much use out of it. He realised soon after it would have been really handy to nip around the city and regretted ever selling it. 

Chris has been using the BetterPoints app since January and uses it with his friends around the campus to ensure they are all travelling more actively and sustainably and often competes with his group of friends to see who has the most BetterPoints when getting into the lab in the mornings. Chris enjoys this competitive element and admitted all of his friends motivate each other to be more sustainable.

Knowing that sustainable transport is also rewarded, he told me that it's incentivised him to take the bus or tram for longer journeys instead of borrowing a car to make the same trip. He believes that more universities and organisations should run similar challenges and says that "even a daily 10 minute walk or run can help my physical wellbeing and it's also great for mental health too."

Not only did Chris win the Grand prize, he's been redeeming his points in the campus cafes on coffee and telling me he's visiting them more than ever - a win for the onsite cafes too. "Ideally I'd like to save for a book voucher to help towards my studies or some new running gear from Decathlon."

We didn't mention this but Chris has just completed 465 miles of running in June for the 'Calendar Club Challenge'. Here, participants will run 1 mile on the 1st of the month, 2 on the second, 3 on the 3rd and so on - meaning he ran 4 marathons distances and more in the final few days of June - what an achievement! He's currently taking part in another challenge to run at least a mile everyday for a year. Well done Chris and keep up the good work! 

Don't forget the challenge will remain active until the end of this year so you can earn lots BetterPoints for your active and sustainable journeys - keep your eyes peeled for more prize draws coming soon. 

Congratulations again to Chris - we really hope you enjoy your new bike.