Win 25,000 BetterPoints like our February winner Iona!

09 March 2020

Every month we are awarding 25,000 BetterPoints to our 'Sustainable Travel Hero' as part of the Step Up Sheffield Challenge.

Our third winner is Iona T.  Before she joined the challenge Iona would use her car at least 3 days a week. She has decided to get active by walking every day and leaving the car at home more. 

This is what she said about joining the challenge and how it has helped her specifically: 

"I am more inclined to walk places when I may have previously driven. I also like seeing how far I have walked etc. Every person has an impact on the environment, and if you can make a small change for the better, it can go a long way, especially if other people join in and do the same.

We also asked Iona what other benefits she has noticed:

I'm getting more exercise and feeling less stressed on a daily basis. I've saved money on travel and much happier as a result of the challenge." - Iona

Congratulations to Iona, and well done to her for making these changes to get out and be more active.

You too can be our Sustainable Travel Hero, visit your activities page in the app and you will find the activity there.

This activity closes on 8th June 2020, you can only participate once, and maybe you could win 25,000 BetterPoints too for sharing your story!